Geneva Overholser’s review of James O’Shea’s book in the LAT

Here’s an excerpt from Geneva Overholser’s review of O’Shea’s bookThe Deal From Hell: How Moguls and Wall Street Plundered Great American Newspapers, in the Los Angeles Times.  O’Shea discusses his book and the future of newspapers at Live Talks Business on Sept 7. Join us for the conversation.

O’Shea nails a central characteristic of the breed of media leadership he is chronicling: “Instead of developing strategies to produce the kind of content that would protect their most important asset — the public trust — they depreciated it like an aging Linotype.”…… In the end, “The Deal From Hell” succeeds on the force of the story and the power of the case that O’Shea builds against the individuals involved. Pushing back at the oft-cited “Internet killed newspapers” charge, he writes: “What is killing a system that brings reliably edited news and information to readers’ doorsteps every morning for less than the cost of a cup of coffee is the way that the people who run the industry have reacted to those forces. The lack of investment, the greed, incompetence, corruption, hypocrisy and downright arrogance of people who put their interests ahead of the public’s are responsible for the state of the industry today.”