David Rothkopf in the news…We host him March 15 with David Lazarus (Los Angeles Times)

We host David Rothkopf this Thursday, March 15 in conversation with David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times.  Ticket info here.

David Rothkopf is the internationally acclaimed author of Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They are Making , and Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power, hailed by The New York Times as “the definitive history of the National Security Council.” His upcoming book,  Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government—and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead is on the tug of war between public and private power worldwide and its consequences.

Here are some recent mentions of Rothkopf and his new book.

—  in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, March 1
— 5 Myths about Big Govermnent vs. Big Business (CBS MarketWatch, March 8)
— Rights and Returns, (The Financial Times, March 9)

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