John Mackey, Whole Foods’ CEO in the news on his book, Conscious Capitalism; “Obamacare”, Global Warming. We host him Jan 25

John Mackey, Peter Guber

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey comes to Live Talks Business Forum this Friday, January 25 to discuss his just released book, Conscious Capitalism.  He will be interviewed by Peter Guber, CEO, Mandalay Entertainment. Ticket info here.  In addition to being in the news to discuss his new book, Mackey has been in the news this week for comments he made about “Obamacare” and global warming.  Here are links to some of those stories:

Harvard Business Review, Jan 14, “Conscious Capitalism” is Not an Oxymoron
New York Times magazine interview Jan 20,  John Mackey, The Kale King
Forbes, Jan 15, John Mackey: Why Companies Should Embrace Conscious Capitalism 
Business Insider
Jan 17, Whole Foods Founder Says Too Many Companies Get Capitalism Wrong
Jan 17, Whole Foods’ Mackey Says Employees Should Come before Investors
Jan 17Want to Hire Great People? Hire Consciously
Wall Street Journal
Jan 16Successful Companies Serve a Purpose Beyond Making Money
Mother Jones
Jan 18Whole foods CEO Welcomes Climate Change, Warns of Fascism
Jan 18Whole Foods CEO Mackey Takes Back Fascism Comment
Los Angeles Times
Jan 17, Whole Foods CEO Regrets Comparing “Obamacare” to Fascism

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