April 28 — Henry Paulson, Former Secretary of Treasury

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
7:45-8:15am  Continental Breakfast
8:15-9:15am  Forum

Henry Paulson
Former Secretary of the Treasury,
Founder & Chairman, The Paulson Institute at University of Chicago

Dealing with China: 
An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower

in conversation with Andy Serwer,
Yahoo Finance, Editor-in-Chief

500 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

$20 General Admission
$46 Includes Paulson’s book

Henry M. Paulson, Jr., served as the 74th Secretary of the Treasury under President George W. Bush. Prior to that, he had a thirty-two year career at Goldman Sachs, serving as chairman and chief executive officer beginning in 1999. He is China expert, conservationist and author. He is the founder and chairman of the Paulson Institute, and co-chairman of the Latin American Conservation Council of The Nature Conservancy and the Risky Business Project. Earlier in his career, he was a member of the White House Domestic Council as well as a staff assistant at the Pentagon. Today, he serves as chairman of the Paulson Institute at the University of Chicago, which aims to advance sustainable economic growth, a cleaner environment and cross-border investments in the United States and China.

Hank Paulson is uniquely positioned in his long experience dealing with the government and business communities of China far greater than most in both the government and business sectors. As head of Goldman Sachs, Paulson was pivotal in opening up China to private enterprise. As Treasury Secretary, he played the role of watchdog to both encourage trade with the newly emerging economic superpower and safeguarded the teetering U.S. financial system. He created the Strategic Economic Dialogue with what is now the world’s second-largest economy. Paulson has worked with scores of top Chinese leaders, including Xi Jinping, China’s most powerful man in decades, to create the system of trade that exists today.

In Dealing with China, Paulson takes readers behind closed doors to the future of China’s state-controlled capitalism. His earlier book was the bestseller, On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System.

Andy Serwer is the Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance. He oversees all editorial content for Yahoo Finance from breaking news to in-depth stories to original video programming.

Prior to joining Yahoo, for eight years he has been the Editor of FORTUNE—the longest service of any editor since the 1980s—and worked at Time Inc for 29 years. As Editor of FORTUNE, Serwer was responsible for overseeing the magazine and fortune.com, as well as FORTUNE digital media and FORTUNE’s conferences.

Serwer has been a regular guest on MSNBC’S Morning Joe and CNBC’s Squawkbox and many other TV and radio programs. From 2001 to 2006 he served as the business anchor for CNN’s American Morning.

From 1997 through 2006, Serwer wrote the groundbreaking business news blog, “Streetlife,” one of the first daily digital newsletters covering the world of finance and business. Iconoclastic, irreverent and widely read, “Streetlife” influenced an entire generation of digital journalists. Previously Serwer was the business news anchor for “Good Morning America” hosted by Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson and for “World News Tonight” hosted by Peter Jennings. 

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