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Lawrence Lessig (at Live Talks Business on October 28) — on the Howard Schultz pledge on political contrubutions

  We host Lawrence Lessig on October 28 discussing how ‘the economy of influence’ defeats the will of the people. His new book is REPUBLIC, LOST: How Money Corrupts Congress—and a Plan to Stop It. Lessig recently commented on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’ pledge to withhold campaign contributions “until [politicians] strike a bipartisan, balanced long-term debt deal that addresses both entitlements and revenues.”  An excerpt from that commentary follows: “…….Schultz is right that something profoundly bad has happened to American politics. He is also right to tie that profound bad to the endless addiction that our elected officials have to campaign cash……But however Continue reading…

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Eric Ries (we host on Sept 15) – interviewed in the September WIRED magazine

We host startup guru Eric Ries on September 15 at Live Talks Business…Everything you know about starting a company is wrong. At least that’s what Eric Ries says. The former entrepreneur has developed a counterintuitive strategy he calls the Lean Startup. The philosophy has been endorsed by Silicon Valley royalty like Tim O’Reilly, Marc Andreessen, and Mitch Kapor.  His new book is, The Lean Startup. WIRED magazine had a few questions for him.  Here’s an excerpt…. Wired: What are the most common misconceptions that people have about starting a company? Eric Ries: We still believe that entrepreneurial success is about being in Continue reading…

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Is Internet Privacy Overrated? Jeff Jarvis weighs in…we host him October 6

October 6th, we host Jeff Jarvis, who has made himself an advocate for publicness.  In his new book, Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way we Work and Live, he argues that if we become too obsessed with guarding all personal information on the ‘Net, we’ll miss important opportunities that come with making information available.   Fortune writer Jessi Hempel reviews Jarvis’ book for CNN Money…. “…….It’s a refreshing take on a topic often covered by people who feel that the Internet — and in particular, social networks like Facebook and the vast amount of personal data that flow within Continue reading…

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Geneva Overholser’s review of James O’Shea’s book in the LAT

Here’s an excerpt from Geneva Overholser’s review of O’Shea’s book, The Deal From Hell: How Moguls and Wall Street Plundered Great American Newspapers, in the Los Angeles Times.  O’Shea discusses his book and the future of newspapers at Live Talks Business on Sept 7. Join us for the conversation. O’Shea nails a central characteristic of the breed of media leadership he is chronicling: “Instead of developing strategies to produce the kind of content that would protect their most important asset — the public trust — they depreciated it like an aging Linotype.”…… In the end, “The Deal From Hell” succeeds on Continue reading…

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Tech Crunch Interview with Eric Ries

From Tech Crunch: Every tech founder thinks he or she runs a lean startup. But what exactly does that mean? In an interview below Eric Ries, who came up with the term The Lean Startup and is the author of an upcoming book of the same name, explains his theory, which boils down to learning from a small number of early customers to improve and perfect your product before exposing it to a wider audience. “Don’t be in a rush to get big,” he sums up at the end of our interview, “be in a rush to have a great product.” Ries argues that an Continue reading…

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